Learn How to Code from Beginner to Expert
Earn $1.99 for your referrals

LearnCode has been in existence for almost 2 and half years and most of you reading this guidelines have registered on the platform and some of you are quite familiar with the operations of the platform.

In fact, I am most certain it has changed the lives and thought process of some of you who joined the platform with no prior knowledge of programming and today, you can now design web pages, set up databases, connect APIs, interact using jQuery and AJAX.

It is amazing to see all your skills improve with time and that makes me happy.

Today, I bring forth an opportunity for you to learn how to code and make some money while doing so. Please read the conditions below carefully.

This commission only applies if the user you referred purchases all the lectures in the program which costs as low as $59.99.

Outlined are the conditions for this referral program

  1. Register on the LearnCode platform if you are not a member
  2. Log in to your dashboard
  3. Visit referrals to get your referral link
  4. Share your link to only those interested to learn how to code, it would not give me joy to have a student pay for all lectures and not participate in the program. So make sure whoever is registering in the platform via your referral is willing to learn how to code.
  5. Endeavour whoever you refer uses you referral link or referral code to register for that is the only way we can track your referrals.
  6. Once they have registered on the platform, they would need to purchase all 250 lectures.
  7. Once the payment is confirmed within 24 hours from when the client makes the payment, $1.99 would be credited in your LearnCode wallet.
  8. Once the $1.99 is credited in your account, you can then request for withdrawal on reaching the threshold of USD 100 straight into your USD Bank Account on the last day of the month before 12 noon.

Also know that for transparency purposes, Screenshots of referral payments made to you may be made public either via email or through the LearnCode platform.

I wish you the best as you embark on your journey of learning how to code and for our graduates and those about to graduate from the program. You know I am always here for you.

Best regards,
Nicholas Idoko