Learn How to Code from Beginner to Expert
Lecture No. Title
250 Outro Series X
249 Outro Series IX
248 Outro Series VIII
247 Outro Series VII
246 Outro Series VI
245 Outro Series V
244 Outro Series IV
243 Outro Series III
242 Outro Series II
241 Outro Series I
240 Generate a Desktop App using NodeWebkit
239 Introduction to Node Webkit for Packaging Desktop Applications
238 Introduction to PHP Mailer using SMTP
237 Introduction to Composer, a PHP Dependency Manager
236 Introduction to PHP Mail Function
235 How to configure PHP INI Basic Settings
234 How to Set Up a WordPress Blog from your cPanel
233 How to Manage and Install SSL via cPanel
232 What is a Cron Job and how do you set up a Cron Job?
231 How to Publish an iOS App on Apple App Store
230 How to publish an Android App on Google Play Store
229 Generate a User Registration APK File
228 Why do you need a MacBook to publish an iOS app?
227 What is XCode?
226 Generate an APK file using PhoneGap Build
225 What is PhoneGap Build?
224 Generate an APK file using Cordova for an Android
223 Create your First Cordova App
222 Installation of Cordova on Local Machine
221 Introduction to Apache Cordova
220 What is a DNS?
219 Upload a PHP App that interacts with a Database
218 Set up a Database in cPanel via MySQL Database Wizard
217 Set up a Subdomain and Upload a Simple PHP App
216 Introduction to cPanel File Manager
215 How to Set Up a Custom Domain Email Address via cPanel
214 What is a Subdomain? How can it be set up?
213 Introduction to cPanel
212 Steps on How to Purchase a Domain and Linux Hosting Online
211 Apply Preloaders to beforeSend AJAX function
210 Meaning and 3 Different Applications of PHP preg_match
209 Submit a Form without a Form Element Using PHP AJAX
208 Use PHP to Inform the User whether it is Morning, Afternoon, or Night.
207 5 Different Applications of SQL LIKE Statement in Action using PHP
206 Introduction to SQL LIKE Operator
205 How to Set and Get Default TimeZone in PHP
204 Use AJAX to search for Data and Display in the same page
203 Use AJAX to store Data in a table and inform the User
202 Application to Prevent Duplicate Entries in a Table
201 What does SQL UNIQUE Constraint mean?
200 Introduction to SQL Count(), Avg(), and Sum() Functions
199 Meaning and Application of json_encode and json_decode PHP functions
198 What is JSON?
197 Introduction to SQL Create
196 Meaning and Applications of preg_replace PHP function
195 What is a regex expression?
194 What is a .htaccess file and what are its applications?
193 What does the Header function in PHP mean?
192 What is CORS?
191 Meaning and Applications of MySQLi Functions: free_result and insert_id
190 Upload Star Wars App to Github
189 Introduction to Github Commands and their meanings
188 Introduction to Github
187 Store Star Wars data in a Database
186 Using cURL to read Star Wars data
185 Introduction to cURL
184 What is an API?
183 Walk Through Series: Store App II
182 Walk Through Series: Store App I
181 Introduction to JQuery $.ajax Method
180 5 Examples of OOP PHP MySQLi in Action
179 Introduction to OOP PHP MySQLi
178 5 Examples of PHP OOP in Action
177 Introduction to OOP in PHP
176 What is OOP?
175 What is PHP Superglobal $_REQUEST?
174 Upload the Data in a form using AJAX JQuery and PHP
173 Upload a Large File using AJAX JQuery and PHP while displaying the Progress
172 Upload a File using AJAX JQuery and PHP
171 What is FormData in Javascript?
170 PHP Variable Handling Functions
169 Open, Write, Append, Save a file in PHP
168 Introduction to PHP Filesystem
167 Introduction to AJAX PHP using JQuery
166 What is PHP $_SERVER?
165 CSS Combinator Selector
164 CSS Selectors
163 PHP File Upload
162 SQL Inner and Outer Join
161 SQL Alter
160 SQL Union
159 Javascript classList Property
158 JavaScript Methods: setAttribute() and getAttribute()
157 PHP Functions: trim and isset
156 PHP: Implode and Explode
155 Store App: Business Logic for the Products Form
154 Introduction to JQuery
153 Introduction to AJAX
152 Store App: Upload a Product Form Interface in Admin
151 Store App: Admin Dashboard Interface
150 Store App: Admin Login Interface
149 Store App: Login for a User
148 Store App: Register or Create a User
147 JavaScript: setTimeout, setInterval
146 JavaScript: getElementsByTagName
145 JavaScript: getElementsByClassName
144 JavaScript: querySelectorAll
143 PHP Array Functions II: array_keys, array_pop, array_push
142 PHP Array Functions I: array_merge, array_search, array_values
141 PHP: Date and Time
140 PHP: Cookies
139 PHP: Sessions
138 DB Exercise IV: Delete your To Do List
137 DB Exercise III: Update your To Do List
136 DB Exercise II: List out your To Do List
135 DB Exercise I: Create a To Do List
134 MySQLi Functions: fetch_row, fetch_array
133 PHP: Foreach Loop
132 [Teach Me] MySQLi Function: real_escape_string
131 MySQLi Functions: fetch_assoc
130 MySQLi Functions: errno, error
129 MySQLi Functions: select_db, query
128 MySQLi Functions: commit, autocommit, rollback, close
127 MySQLi Functions: connect, connect_errno, connect_error
126 What is MySQLi in PHP?
125 PHP: Array Types
124 SQL Practicals: Insert, Select, Update, Delete
123 SQL Introduction: Insert, Select, Update, Delete
122 PHPMyAdmin: Create a Table
121 PHPMyAdmin: How to Set Up a Database and User Account
120 Introduction to PHPMyAdmin
119 Introduction to MySQL
118 PHP: For Loop
117 PHP: Introduction to Arrays
116 PHP: While Loop
115 PHP Exercise III: Login Validation
114 PHP: If and Else Conditions
113 PHP Exercise II: Shoe Product Display
112 PHP Exercise I: Biography Display
111 PHP: POST and GET Methods
110 Database: Foreign and Primary Keys
109 Introduction: Database Keys
108 Database: Tables, Records and Fields
107 What is a Relational Database?
106 Introduction: DBMS
105 What is a Database?
104 Store App: Contact Us Form
103 Store App: About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, FAQs
102 Store App: User Forgot Password Form
101 Store App: User Login Form
100 Store App: User Registration Form
99 Store App: Footer
98 Include and Require in PHP
97 What is a Favicon?
96 Store App: Responsive Header Container
95 CSS: Media Queries
94 Store App: Header Container
93 Case Study: E-Commerce Website
92 Introduction: PHP Operators
91 PHP Concatenation
90 PHP Data Types
89 PHP Variables
88 PHP Output or Display
87 Introduction: XAMPP (Localhost Server)
86 Introduction: PHP
85 JavaScript removeChild() Method
84 JavaScript onchange Event
83 Introduction: Adding Elements to DOM
82 JavaScript Exercises VII
81 JavaScript Exercises VI
80 JavaScript Exercises V
79 JavaScript Exercises IV
78 JavaScript Exercises III
77 JavaScript Exercises II
76 JavaScript Exercises I
75 Introduction Meta Keywords and Description (Tags)
74 Introduction: Meta Viewport
73 Simple JavaScript Arrays Practical: Car Trivia
72 Introduction: JavaScript DOM Styling
71 Introduction: JavaScript DOM Query Selector Mathod
70 JavaScript DOM textContent Property
69 JavaScript Math Objects and Methods
68 CSS: Line Height Property
67 Simple JavaScript Biography App
66 Introduction: JavaScript Number Function
65 Introduction: JavaScript NaN
64 JavaScript DOM innerHTML Property
63 Simple Interest JavaScript App
62 Introduction: CSS Font Weight
61 Introduction: Google Fonts (Font Family)
60 Simple JavaScript Practicals III
59 Document.getElementById JavaScript
58 Simple JavaScript Practicals II
57 Introduction: JavaScript Arrays
56 Introduction: JavaScript Do While Loop
55 Introduction: JavaScript While Loop
54 Introduction: JavaScript For Loop Statement
53 Introduction: JavaScript If and Else Statements
52 JavaScript Concatenation
51 JavaScript parseInt() and parseFloat() Functions
50 Simple JavaScript Practicals I
49 Introduction: JavaScript Functions
48 Introduction: JavaScript Document Object Model
47 JavaScript Type Operators
46 JavaScript Logical Operators
45 JavaScript Comparison Operators
44 JavaScript Assignment Operators
43 JavaScript Arithmetic Operators
42 JavaScript Variables and DataTypes
41 JavaScript Alert and Installation
40 Client Side vs Server Side Scripts
39 Introduction to JavaScript
38 Second CSS Practical
37 Bootstrap Form Input Introduction
36 Hands On: Font Awesome Overview
35 Bootstrap Buttons
34 Bootstrap Modal
33 Bootstrap Grid System
32 Bootstrap Containers
31 Getting Started with Bootstrap
30 Introduction to Bootstrap
29 Inline Block of the Display CSS Property
28 CSS Position Property
27 First CSS Practicals
26 CSS Margins and Paddings
25 Teach Me: CSS Borders
24 CSS Colors
23 Overview of CSS Backgrounds
22 Inline, Internal and External CSS
21 Selectors and Syntax of CSS
20 Introduction to CSS
19 Second HTML Practicals
18 Form Element and Attributes of HTML
17 HTML Forms
16 Viewport and Responsive HTML
15 HTML Block and Inline Elements
14 HTML Lists
13 Colors of HTML
12 HTML Formatting
11 Comments and Quotations of HTML
10 First HTML Practicals
9 HTML Tables
8 HTML Styling
7 HTML File Paths
6 HTML Audio and Video
5 Attributes of HTML
4 Basics, Tags, and Elements of HTML
3 Test HTML Code on Web Browser
2 What is HTML?
1 Introduction